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Theories Of Crime Causation

All governments of different states have an obligation to fight and minimize crime. Their fight may however be in vain if they do not understand the many theories associated with crime causation. Criminals will always find an easy way out and this give them a feel of victors thus they grow into crimes in a big way. It may also give others the urge to try out crime. It is thus good that they do their homework well if they must succeed in the fight against crime and there are many things that they need to look in to if they have to get the facts right.

Major Contributor to Increase in Crime

The major issue that boosts the growth of crime in many states is the fact that some crimes go unpunished. Some crimes are considered as light crimes and thus they do not attract any punishment. This leads to a belief that crime is not punished and criminals may graduate to being part of a bit heavier crimes. It is not good to term things like soft drug abuse, gambling, curfew violations and bulling as light crimes and let them go unpunished. This may even encourage others in to trying them out should they see others go unpunished after they do commit them. Another thing is the belief of larger gains than the punishment. It people get lighter punishments than they gain from crime, then we are not close to winning the fight against crimes.

Minor Causes of Crime

Others learn from those around them. They see as if the things that others do are cool and are ready to give it a try. If criminals that are close to the vulnerable youth get severe punishments for the crimes they perform, then the youth would not want to copy them. There are also beliefs that are favorable to crimes. For example when people believe that crime is a sure way to quick and easy success, is a major blow. This is said openly in the communities and youths get that in their minds, and because they are young and vulnerable and eager of success they give crime a try. Once they are in it becomes really difficult to get them out of crime. They appreciate that crime is bad but belief that it is their way to easy success.

It is time that governments stop just pumping money to trying to rehabilitate criminals but try to get the theories, beliefs and behavior that lead to crime. Through this approach they will be a step ahead in curbing crime.