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How To Create A Good Topic Sentence For Compare And Contrast Essay

When writing a compare and contrast essay you may well need to use a topic sentence. The following aims to outline what a topic sentence it is, why you might use one, and how to use it as effectively as possible.

  • Introduce the content with relevant words
  • A topic sentence is generally used towards the beginning of paragraph and will be made up of relevant words that give an indication of what is to follow. As part of the topic sentence you will need to include words that describe what the topic is, as well as some sort of controlling idea. For example, in a compare and contrast piece, supposing you were making comparisons between two different books, you may wish to suggest that imagery (the topic) was better used in one book for many different reasons (the controlling idea).

    The rest of the paragraph will then focus on the statements that were introduced through the topic sentence.

  • Plan your essay so that you know which paragraphs to write
  • Before you begin writing the work it can be a good idea to plan your essay so that you know what arguments and points you want to bring up. This will enable you to have a good understanding of what paragraphs you wish to include and, therefore, where you may need topic sentences.

    As well as helping to improve your understanding and ability to use topic sentences more effectively, planning your essay will also make it easier to do the work in the long-run, so it is certainly recommended to take this approach.

  • Alternate the focus between the two or more things that you are comparing and contrasting
  • It may be that you wish to use multiple topic sentences throughout your essay, with each one identifying what the rest of each paragraph will be about. In a compare and contrast paper you will need to examine multiple things and, therefore, you may wish to focus each paragraph on each of the different things that you compare.

    For example, if you are comparing two different books then you may wish to start the first paragraph highlighting comparisons which favour one of the books, before focusing the next paragraph on the other book. Ultimately, this will help to develop a well-rounded and balanced essay, and will make it easier when you come to write the conclusion.