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How To Compose A Good Literary Essay Introduction In 4 Steps

Writing great literary essays is not rocket science, and it doesn’t need to be stressful! In fact, producing a fantastic piece of writing is as easy as 1, 2, three... four! In 4 easy steps, you can create wonderful academic work that is sure to get you top marks, and all without any worry or even much effort! Below are the four key steps to getting this done.

  1. Get a plan down!
  2. This is possibly the most crucial step in composing a good literary essay, so it’s definitely the first one to get down! Think about your word count, and then decide how long your paragraphs should be. Plan what each one will talk about, and don’t forget about those pesky introductions and conclusions! (Nor the bibliography if it’s included in the word count!)

  3. Do your reading and research in advance
  4. Rather than trying to read and write simultaneously (and you’ll be surprised how many people do try to do this), calmly gather your reading and researching materials to go through them all before you even think about writing anything down. Work out from what you read what the main arguments are going to be for each paragraph. Remember also to note down key quotes!

  5. Write the main body of the essay first
  6. It can be tempting to go chronologically through the essay and start with the Introduction. However, this is often the hardest part to write, and it’s the most important bit because it starts the whole thing off! It is, therefore, better to write everything else first and then follow with the introduction. This way you can more easily link it to the conclusion and hint, right at the beginning, at the sort of things you are going to be focusing on and what note you are going to be finishing on in the end.

  7. Edit and proofread!
  8. Although this is perhaps the most boring part of the essay-writing process, it really is a terribly important. Being the last step, this is the perfect time to perfect everything just before you hand it in and never have to worry about it again. Check carefully for spelling mistakes, grammar errors and places where the writing doesn’t flow as well as it could. Also, remember at this point to complete and perfect your bibliography with the correct formatting! If you remember all of these steps, you should never write a literary bad essay ever again!