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Composing A Winning Argumentative Essay On Legal Drinking Age

What do you mean by argumentative essays?

This type of essay is written for topics that brings an argument. The best thing about this type of writing is the fact that, there are 2 sides to every topic. The author should provide information and details that supports and opposes an argument. The points mentioned by the author should be solid enough to support the point of view on the matter and should be prepared for any argument you may receive from the opposing side.

  • Topic selection
  • While writing an argumentative essay, make sure that your title allows for argument. For this select an open-ended title or one containing words like ‘discuss’, ‘evaluate’ or ‘critique’. Once you are finished with the title, start researching on the title. Collect every possible point that supports and opposes an argument. The information you provide in the argument should be with the background of the relevant arguments.

  • Arguments over legal drinking age
  • Age limits for the drinking age is one of the most contradictory problems we have today. There have been many arguments by some people who have asked to take off the age barrier in past few years. There are some people to oppose this argument as well. A lot of discussions are going on this topic. Students who are searching for topic for their essays, this topic can be considered. This topic has 2 sides and plenty of information regarding the topic is available.

  • Writing process
  • Your topic deserves a concrete foundation, before you craft your writing. Three different segments should be included in an argumentative essay which is inclusive of the introduction, body and conclusion.

    • Introduce your topic in brief words in the essay’s initial paragraph. The first paragraph should also be consisting of some background details and essay statement.
    • You should lay equal emphasis on both the halves of the subject and also counter your own points whenever there is an opportunity.
    • Elaborate on the topic’s different side.
    • Evidences should be highlighted to explain that your point has validity.
    • You need to mention most concrete evidences and arrange your points serially. While you refer the points, you should combine the types of evidences, which should be inclusive of studies, statistics and anecdotal series.
    • Cite the sources of your information.

    These are the major steps to write an argumentative essay. Always remember to avoid emotional language and never make up evidences.