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Great Essay Writing Tips: Composing A Strong Topic Sentence

What is considered fundamental in essay writing is polishing the skill in formulating a topic sentence. See to it that it is reasonable and by doing so the rest of your composition will certainly be unique and informative.

For your composition to be unique and effective, you’ve got to consider the following tips:

  1. Affirm your main idea clearly. It is essential to clearly expound the subject matter of your paragraph in a way that it is not complicated to understand and is not too wordy. This must include your subject, controlling idea or an opinion.
  2. Make sure to draw the attention of your reader. Consider bringing up questions the readers have in mind which you intend to provide responses to.
  3. In your opening sentence, you may consider portraying an emotion to your target audience or reader.
  4. It is advisable to establish curiosity through the use of sensory language. Use detail but too much detail is not important.
  5. Keep your main sentence sweet and short. Make sure to express your objective without urging the readers to look for it. Make it short as possible which will keep your objective clear. By doing so, this will aid the progress of your paragraph.
  6. Always avoid rhetorical questions. Needless to say, you wouldn’t prefer to create the questions yourself since you wish your reader to create questions in their mind.
  7. Provide a practical opinion. In your work, you must affirm something that you believe and think could be backed up by concrete proof. You may consider stating an opinion; however, only do so if you’re able to support it in the next or following paragraph.
  8. Describe a character and you can do this through emotional or physical description. It is also helpful to use dialogue. Consider utilizing part of this to start composing your paragraph if there is a suitable conversation that will catch the reader’s attention.
  9. Take into consideration the significance of providing a provable opinion. Refrain from using solid facts. While it is true that facts may be engrossing, these do not actually present the reader to your paragraph and in the same way they do not really grab the reader’s attention. It is also important to include your personal input.
  10. Do not state something that you do not intend to expound on further. Whether you give opinions, facts or both, it is a must to clearly analyze them in the paragraph affixed to the main sentence. Never ever fill up your main sentence with filler material which you do not have intentions of expounding clearly.