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Creating An Outline For A Cause And Effect Essay In 4 Simple Steps

Essay is a scholarly writing on a particular topic that methodologically examines and appraises the issue. From school level to college, it is one of the most commonly vested assignments on students. With the rising steps of our education life, the topics also become tougher. It judges our perspective about a certain topic. There are different types of essays.

  • Argumentative: This type deals with the hypothesis of a particular topic and why is it right or wrong. You have to be arguing on a particular topic and persuade the reader to believe it.
  • Expository: It is an explanatory one where the topics are short themes or idea. Here you need to explain in your own words the idea that you have chosen to talk about. Quite interesting it can get when you go on a run for the topics of this kinds of essays.
  • Persuasive: Similar to that of an argumentative one but the basic difference is here you just need to be persuasive not argumentative while intercepting some thoughts in your reader’s head.
  • Cause and effect essay: Well that is the talk of the town. These kind deals with explaining the cause of a particular thing and the effect or aftermath that follows with it.

Example: effects and causes of air pollution. Effects and causes of earthquake.

Well sometimes one cause leads to an effect and which leads to another event. This is called a domino effect or chain effect.

Example: Effects of using deodorant and how will it lead to world’s destruction.

Let us discuss four steps which will master you in writing cause and effect essay:

  1. Choose a topic at the beginning, See whether it matches the criteria of cause and effects. First and fore most you need to distinguish between the causes and effects. To determine the causes ask,” why did it happen?” and for effect, “what happened due to this?”. This will give you enough points.
  2. State your thesis statement clearly and identify whether you are into developing about cause or effects or both.
  3. The main to be done in these kinds is to have supportive background proofs which can back up your points. You need to be quite careful about it, as when you are going to publish your essay, critics would surely love to know your sources else you would get a negative review.
  4. Using of appropriate transitions is very important. Blending right words with good transitional words pours more effect on the readers.