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Evolution Of Terrorism

It is said that change is the only permanent thing. That is why everything is evolving. Everything wants to get better and grow with the changes in times and technology. Terrorism is not an exceptional and it has been changing also as everything else is. This however does not make terrorism acceptable in the society; it still remains the unwanted and unlawful acts that cause fear and loss of life and property in the society. As the governments of different states find better measures to curb or fight terrorism, terror groups are reshaping and effecting changes that will facilitate their ease to source for funding, operate, develop new and better capabilities and recruit new followers. Some of these changes are taking the relationship of these groups with the rest of the world to a different level. The main thing that has led to evolution in terrorism is the fact that a lot has changed and the nations are now more organized than they were immediately after the Second World War and a few years after many countries received independence. Initially, war against terrorism was not solely for the central government but was open for any players. There were groups of private sponsored mercenaries mainly sponsored by religious groups. Today that is solely the work of the national armies.

Early Terrorism

In the past, terrorists did not have any doctrine or facts as to why they indulge in terrorism. It was like people were in terrorism for fun. Guy Fawkes was the only terrorist in the old days that tried to lead terrorists with religious inspiration when they tried to assassinate King James. He was however labeled a failure in his attempts. This does not mean that those who have reasons of philosophy as to why they are in terrorism are justified. Introduction of the new ideas like anarchism and communism were the starting point of evolution of terrorism to terror with a course. People started getting violent for a particular course or reason that they believed in.

Terrorism in the 20th Century

After the World War 2, terrorism started accelerating at an alarming rate. It was believed to be a tool used by the ant colonial powers to cause instability is states. Terror became a weapon that was ready for use by the international powers to make sure that they continued to be in power. It was considered as a shortcut to victory and up to today it is being used by those greedy for power so as to cause instability and provide a chance for them to fight current governments.