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Writing A Synthesis Essay A Step-By-Step Tutorial

When they hear about a synthesis essay, many students are scared. They think that it is one of the most difficult types and that they will not be able to handle it. At the same time, they don’t bother to search for information about this kind of composition, so they don’t realize how easy it is. The simple fact that you are making research about this text is already a step forward. This tutorial will help you create the composition that you need and impress everyone with it:

  • Choose a suitable topic. In this kind of composition you have to analyze different sources and to create a complex idea about the topic. This means that you have to be familiar with the subject so you don’t waste too much time with research. It’s always a good idea to write about your passions and hobbies, but easy topics are also suitable as long as you are comfortable with them.
  • Make research. This is the most time consuming part of the process. You need to find out everything there is about the topic that you will write about. Don’t limit yourself to your manuals and a few magazines, since the internet can be a great help. Spend a few days reading and making connections between the most important information. You have to understand what opinions are valid and which ones are not, what information is worth considering.
  • Write a thesis statement for the beginning of your composition. This is where you will have to write what is the purpose of your thesis and goal. What are you trying to prove with this text? Do you think that you can solve a problem that is revolving around this particular issue? Will your colleagues get any benefit from reading your composition?
  • Write the composition and introduce all the information that you gathered in the research process. Of course, you have to use quotations and references to sustain your statement. Make sure to mention the source and the author every time.
  • Finish everything with the conclusion. In the last lines you will have to decide if you met your primary goal, if you proved what you wanted to prove. Also, you can write any new thing that you got while writing, as long as it is still relevant to the subject. Make sure to be objective and impartial when you write.