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7 Basic Tips On How To Write An Explanatory Essay

This type of writing explains or describes an event, a circumstance, or a viewpoint. It requires a simple description of something that may be difficult to comprehend. Your goal as the writer is to educate your readers. You are not using resources for support nor are you stating your personal opinions. You want to be unbiased, clear, and straightforward when you explain. Use our seven essay tips on how to write your explanatory paper.

7 Tips

  1. Pick a topic-pick a topic that you are very interested in or one that you wish to know more about. Remember your job is to explain an event, circumstance, or a viewpoint. The topic you pick must be suitable to this task.
  2. Research-once you have selected your subject, you then need to begin the research phase. Use research that is unbiased and merely explains the subject. Academic databases will be the best sources to use.
  3. Make your thesis-your thesis is one or two sentences in which you express the topic you wish to explain. It needs to clear and concise. Remember to keep it simple.
  4. Create your detailed outline-now you are ready to take your research and your thesis statement and then create your working outline. It should be very detailed. It may change several times as you complete it, but this is to be expected.
  5. Begin to write the first draft-the first draft may have a lot of changes and erased blotches, but this is okay. You use the outline to slowly craft the first draft. As you write you must remember to place your in-text citations after any used sources.
  6. Proof and edit-once you are finished the paper, you should edit it. If you do not feel like you are capable of doing this, you can go to a writing lab, employ a writing company, or hire a personal tutor. You could also ask a peer or family member to help you with proofing and editing your paper.
  7. Finalize the paper-now you must fix all the mistakes that were found when proofing. If your teacher looked at the rough draft, which will sometimes happen, make sure to read her comments carefully and make all of the requested changes.

For help in creating the perfect explanatory essay, use our seven suggestions to guide you.