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Picking Excellent Expository Essay Topics About Technology

Expository essays are explaining something to your readers with the help of facts. They make you investigate and do studies, and they’re quite popular with teachers. Here are some excellent expository essay topic ideas for you.

  1. Talk about the progress in the robotic industry. Explain what kinds of robots exist, and where they’re used.
  2. Write about restriction of the Internet and social media usage in some other parts of the world. Talk about how government bodies control this sphere and how it affects people.
  3. Think about the influence of the digital world on education, like what revolutionary things people may expect in the future. You can also search about what impact it has on youngsters, and whether they learn quicker than they used to.
  4. Talk on how robots become more like us. Tell about the experiments where a robot tries to convince people that it’s a real person. Should the society be worried that the line between humans and computers is getting more blurred?
  5. Do a research on how technology affects people psychologically. Does it change people’s behavior? What may it lead to? What impact do technologies have on relationships?
  6. Write about the devices used for medical research, treatment, and surgeries. What are the future prospects of rapid technological development in medicine?
  7. Talk about solar and water energy cars. Explain the principle of their work and the pros and cons of their usage.
  8. Write about the recent progress in cloning. What technologies are used to make it possible? What are the current achievements?
  9. Do a research on social media about new things that have been created and future prospects.
  10. Talk on how availability of information on the Internet affects people intellectually. Are people’s minds and preferences being shaped by search engines and search companies policies?
  11. Write about new ways of advertising and its influence on people. What technologies are used to sell products more effectively? What are the examples of beyond-the-line advertising and is there a line that cannot be crossed?
  12. Make a research on how blogging changes media. How do bloggers become popular? What is the technical process behind likes, reposts, and shares?
  13. Talk about data storage and privacy. Explain how websites find out people’s preferences, where the information about you is stored, and how to minimize risks.
  14. Tell about how computer games affect different aspects of people’s lives. What new technologies have been developed to make game worlds closer to the real one? How do they imitate people’s lives and why is it so popular?
  15. Write about gamification, how it’s used by big companies, and why everything is being turned into a game.