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How to Prepare a Long Essay on Natural Disasters: Helpful Tips for 9th Graders

You may be assigned an essay on natural disasters in your science or writing class. You should be prepared to research for this topic. Make sure your have citations (AP or MLA) and a reference sheet. The exact essay topic must first be picked. There are many ideas to select from, consider some of the following ideas:

  • Tornadoes-specific tornadoes, the weather conditions, the area where they most occur, the causality predictions and data
  • Tsunamis- specific or recent tsunamis, the naming of the storm, the locations where they most likely occur, the results of such a storm
  • Hurricanes-the weather explanations, the hurricanes retired, the most recent storms, the devastation resulting from the storms, the naming of the storms, the ten year cycle
  • Drought-the areas effected, the Dust Bowl and the depression, the crops effected and the economic consequences
  • Earthquakes-a study of fault lines, shifting plates, areas impacted, the correlation between tsunamis and earthquakes, historic ones
  • Storm chasers-the profession and the job duties of the field
  • Meteorologists-the profession and the job duties of the field, the most famous ones, the educational requirements for the job
  • Other careers dealing with natural disasters, weather, climate control, and such
  • Mud slides-the reasons for mud slides, the most frequent areas impacted, and the most historic ones
  • Sand storms-the areas impacted and reasons for them
  • Blizzards-the most historic ones such as Boston 2015, the conditions, and the definitions of a blizzard
  • Flooding-the reasons for flooding, the Fertile Plain, other areas prone to flooding
  • Climate control and weather warming-fact or fiction, why, studies, the results
  • Fires
  • Animals and emergencies in nature

Once you have selected your topic, then begin to work on a thesis statement. You could write a persuasive, informative, compare and contrast, or a descriptive style essay on this topic. It suits all of these styles. Select about three to four main ideas, and then finish the thesis statement. After that, you will want to research and construct an outline. If your teacher requires one, make sure you know whether to make sure you know which style is desired; topic or sentence. You can then begin to write the rough draft. Information with this topic will not be a problem, as you will find there is much research no matter which title you pick. After the rough draft, move on the final and finish the paper.