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African American Fighters Of The Civil War

"Despite the nobility of aim, it does not mean that the means to achieve it should be a noble anyway.” Let us consider how the purpose of the formation of US unified army ennobling to overcome the civil war that broke out in the American continent, as I like to describe. Because of endemic racism and brutality there, innocent people, with no such guilt or sin for being brought to this misery, but they were black-skinned Africans. They were thrown into a war; they have nothing to do about. They wished if they were horses so they cannot to bear to contribute in this miserable and historical responsibility; in a fierce war between people, in which spreading ignorance, tyranny and used the most horrible means to retaliate against their enemies by the help of these vulnerable human beings who did not deserve what happened to them. This is the first point of view.

If we discussed the second one, some people claim that the price of absolute freedom, equality and justice must be paid by all, regardless your race. It was both the right to citizenship, the right to security so necessitate that the black-skinned people have to participate strongly in being unified army.

Let us review some relevant historical events. In the beginning of the civil war in the nineteenth century, specifically in 1861, the voices rising, including those of the author Frederick Douglas, who was insisting on the implementation of what was an inherent duty to all races to line up, cohesion and solidarity for the formation of this army. Those voices steel did not receive at those in charge of American affairs especially Lincoln, who expressed his fears of rejection that white-skinned people, may demonstrate with fighting along with those with black skin. He knew very well how worsening the problem of racism is and how difficult homogeneity is between these races. What Lincoln did not know is that, without these voices, which had a little effect by then and was calling for that purpose that is the nucleus of the liberation movement from both slavery and racism all over the world, which was welcomed and grabbed the attention outside the continent. Let us agree that such liberation movements and voices of equality and citizenship paid off later. However, we know very well that we have to pay a lot for such achievement; such people scarified their lives due to their movements and opinions. On the other hand, the most expensive value is what we are living now of equality and the decline of racism, to a large extent and we all work on the reduction of this phenomena, whether it were systematic or individual and inciting to return the clock back. People like Frederick Douglas, contributed a lot in the contribution of nearly 3 million black-skinned people who were the basis of the US military.