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A List Of Controversial Essay Topics Worth A Discussion

Are you wondering how to choose a great topic for a controversial essay? Do you need someone to help you choose a winning topic for your assignment? Do you think academic papers take longer to complete because of the originality? Do you need good ideas to write a winning paper?

It is undoubtedly difficult to choose a valid and interesting topic for your paper. Students often fail to choose a great topic for your essay because they are new to the assignment type or subject. If you are having a hard time in choosing the right topic for a controversial essay, then you should consider the following suggestions. Remember that these are only suggestions and you do not have to copy them as is in your paper. You need to rephrase and recreate these topics to make sure the title of your paper is original.

Topics for a controversial essay

  1. Evaluate the annual sport competition in your area. How are the pricing of the tickets? Is there any biasness in criteria for selection and participation? Would you participate in such a competition? Why or why not
  2. Evaluate the sport golf. How does it improve concentration or patience? What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing golf? Do you like or hate the sport, why or why not
  3. Evaluate the annual drama competition in your school and the prize distribution program
  4. Evaluate the experience of being married more than once
  5. Evaluate the experience of marrying someone from another religion or culture. How hard it is for both sides to cope up? Should one change his religion due to his spouse or not
  6. Evaluate the factors worth considering while marrying or choosing a life partner. Is love more important than money? Should love be the primary or sole reason for choosing a spouse? Give examples to prove your stance
  7. Evaluate the experience of watching a cricket match on television as compared to watching live in a stadium. What is the difference between seeing the starts live and seeing them on screen? Which is a better choice? Why so
  8. Evaluate the importance of acknowledgement and recognition for employees in a work environment. How does business succeed if it considers the safe working conditions of its employees or if it does not
  9. Evaluate the importance of leadership qualities in a manager